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Is playing Videoslots on the internet new to you? That’s possible. Read the interesting information below and discover the rich history and appeal of the now-so-popular casino game.

The online Videoslots games all descend from the traditional and well-known slot machines that you still see in major casinos worldwide. These games are so popular that they have transcended the casino walls and can even be found in the local snack bar, pool hall, or sports canteen. In the past, these machines were also called the ‘one-armed bandit.’ On the one hand, the engine had to be operated with a large lever on the right side. On the other hand, the game often quickly left the Player with empty pockets, like a true bandit. This nickname is still doing the rounds, and if you look carefully, you will probably also find a machine with a lever somewhere. These bandits can still be found in most casinos and are often linked to a huge jackpot. The first slot machines (which get their name from the symbols with which the Player makes combinations) worked from a variety of 3 spinning reels. With new technology and the push for higher jackpots, 5-reel machines were soon introduced.

As a result, the number of combinations to be made increased enormously, the chance of winning decreased and the amount of possible payout increased. The internet and advances in microprocessor technology then ensured that Videoslots was introduced. This is, in fact, a digital representation of the slot machine and offers a lot of extra possibilities due to its flexibility. You can think of different minigames, the addition of animations and sound effects, and other unique game options.

Play one of the games at our selected providers, and you will immediately see what we mean.

Microgaming Video Slots

The driving force behind playing video slots online is always professional software. These programs allow players to fully enjoy the gaming experience without worrying about security, privacy, or fraud.

General info about Microgaming Videoslots

Microgaming is headquartered in the Isle of Man. It is a private company that has been very profitable since 1994 at the birth of many innovative online video slots. Because they are not listed and therefore do not have to answer to nagging shareholders, they can react very quickly to changes in the market. For example, they have succeeded in leading the way with new game concepts in recent years and are often the first software producer to follow new trends. The excellent reputation of Microgaming software has become well known within the online gambling world. There are already more than 160 providers that use Microgaming software, and one hundred twenty of these are online Casinos with Videoslots in their range.

This huge clientele offers some very attractive benefits to you as a player. For example, certain jackpot Video slots that different providers offer are linked to each other, resulting in huge jackpots. It concerns millions of Euros, and there are 30+ casinos where you can play for this simultaneously. Microgaming is purely a software supplier and therefore does not directly offer the possibility to play on Videoslots. The games developed by Microgaming can be played online, on Videoslots machines in casinos, and even sometimes on mobile phones.

Microgaming is one of the founders of the eCOGRA and the IGC. The eCOGRA is an independent organization that ensures that licensed online casino providers act fairly, make their payouts on time, and ensure that providers behave responsibly. The IGC or Interactive Gaming Council is a source of information to go with problems and questions about online games of chance.